threadPeople who are just starting to learn how to sew should use a beginner sewing machine. An easy to use machine like this is pretty essential. Beginners don’t need expensive sewing machines with a lot of features. They simply need a machine which is easy to operate. If you are looking for the good basic beginner sewing machines, this guide is intended for you. It will show you the criteria to consider in choosing the right machine. As long as these criteria are considered, you will certainly be making an informed buying decision.

  • The Pedal Control

The pedal control is attached to the sewing machine through a cord. It is slightly above the floor and it starts or stops the machine. It functions like an accelerator. As you press down the pedal, the machine would slowly work until you get into a certain rhythm. Since the feet are used for the pedal control, it leaves your hands free for any sewing operations. The pedal control should be easy to operate with no special settings necessary.

  • The Thread Tension Control

This part of the sewing machine is often located at the top. You could see numbers on it that represents that various degrees of tension for the thread. It has an inner disc which is responsible for the loosening and tightening of tension. Refer to the machine’s manual to know the right tension for a certain sewing style. In looking for a beginner sewing machine, see to it that the tension control is easy to adjust.

  • The Stitch Selector

In front of the unit you will see a dial, which is the stitch selector. Using this dial, you could choose from the many stitches available in the machine. A sewing machine for beginners should only have a few options like straight, reverse and zigzag stitch. Since machines vary from each other, make sure to choose one with a stitch selector that is easy to explore, comes with a simple design and is in a convenient location.

  • Speed Control

For beginners, the speed control is an important part of the machine. It is important that you are able to set the speed to high or low depending on the fabric that you are working on. Since you are still getting familiar with the pressure needed to control the sewing, the speed control will manage the speed until you gain enough experience and you can do the control on your own.

  • Built-in Extras for the Sewing Machine

It would be good if the machine could offer some decorative stitches aside from the basis stitches mentioned earlier. Though this is not necessary for beginners, it could be a lot fun to give this a try occasionally. In choosing the extras for the machine, go for one with stitches that you think would be very handy in time.

The first sewing machine you choose as a beginner is very important for learning. This is why the machine should be easy to use, have all the basic features of a sewing machine and comes in an affordable price. If you look for the best beginner sewing machine see to it that the criteria mentioned above are properly evaluated.

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