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My Hunt For a Good Japanese Chef’s Knife



I recently started looking for good knives for my kitchen after being frustrated by the knives I had. I thought that when you buy expensive knives that automatically they would be good quality, but to my horror that was not true. I had been advised to buy a particular set of knives but they turned out to be too heavy for me to use and too large for my hands.

So, I went hunting for new knives. I got to learn early on in my search that Japanese chef knives are the best in the market. This is because they come in different shapes and sizes and stay sharp longer, but most of all, they are light weight which is just perfect. They are handmade from very lightweight materials ans you can even find one made of ceramic.

Although they retain their sharpness for a longer period of time, you still need to sharpen them once in a while to keep them in top notch condition. Their lightweight nature appealed to me immensely, so I decided to buy one just to test it out, but again they turned out to be very expensive but not like the ones I had.

I decided to try out one among the many best Japanese chef knives. I bought a 7 inch Damascus pattern knife a decision that was not easy seeing as there were a lot of good choices. I went home and tried it out on vegetables and meat and I have to agree that it has been a pleasant experience so far.

I’m now planning on buying other best Japanese chef Knives for my collection like the 6 inch Damascus chef knife Japanese VG10 steel knife and many more. I must say, my experience in the kitchen has really changed since i found these knives that are better suited for me in my daily life.

My First Thanksgiving with the Best Value Stainless Steel Cookware Set


I remember my first Thanksgiving. I was hosting about ten guests, two children, and eight adults. If I were to add myself, that would make eleven of us. Like every other host, you would want to make sure that your guests eat to their fill, that you will not be serving a crappy meal, and everyone will LOVE your turkey. On this day, I wanted to try one of the Spanish recipes on my best value stainless steel cookware set. First of all, I’m a stainless steel cookware fan because they are sturdy and leave a natural taste on all your recipes. Some of my worst nightmare cookware have been the Teflon coated cookware because they always produced some funny-smelling fumes. I understand the fumes are bad for your health, and more so, I think it feels great when your food tastes as it should.

As I said, I wanted to do my Spanish recipes on the set. I also noticed that food always stuck and burned on thin stainless steel cookware. I almost burnt my kitchen using that type of cookware. I wanted to do a Citrus Marinated Turkey. So I preferred the thick stainless steel to avoid that kind of disappointment. I was happy that even though I was afraid of burning my Turkey the pot I used came through for me. It not only retained the taste I was looking for, but it also ensured that I didn’t have to scrape the turkey off the pot. Furthermore, it was comforting knowing that there would be no risks of poisonous chemicals being leached into the dish. Also the higher quality stainless steel cookware ensured most of the food was evenly cooked. I have ever used some other types of cookware, and the outcome was horrible. It was even worse when I needed my drumsticks evenly cooked.

So far, I enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner because everyone wanted more of my turkey. After that, we had some dessert and some Chardonnay. Since I loved cleaning all cooking pots after serving my meals, I liked the silver like sparkle of the set. The set has this shiny sparkle that complements any kind of kitchen design. In fact, after experimenting with different types cookware I would strongly recommend this one. The set has this elegant look, it is durable, and it barely burns meals. Even though it was pricey it was worth every dime in my pocket. Furthermore, my pride is my Kitchen.

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